Malevolence Inc.

released on the App Store and Google Play

Design Team:
Travis Chandler – Producer
Tim Day* – Developer Lead, Design Lead
Rachel Stine – Art Lead
Natasha Warshawsky – Character Artist
Brandon Harrison – Audio Lead, Developer
Matt Silverman – 3D Artist
Don Xu – 3D Artist, Technical Art
Nathan Gilbert – Web Developer

* denotes EGS lab membership

Design Concept:
Malevolence Inc. is a competitive platforming game, in which players place traps throughout a randomly generated level in order to defeat their opponent. As players place traps and run through the levels, the levels will expand and get increasingly more difficult, until one of the players loses all of their lives. From lethal lasers to giant fans, players must avoid falling prey to the many traps their opponents place, while also avoiding any traps they have placed themselves.

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Available on Google Play

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