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Last year’s Guinness-certified game of Pong has a sequel, and it’s twice as big.

One Friday night about a year ago, we trekked out to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to watch and play a game of Pong. There was one interesting thing about this particular port of the game—it was being played on the side of a 29-story office building called the Cira Centre, and it was later certified by Guinness World Records as the “largest architectural videogame display.”

This year, Drexel University game design professor Frank Lee and his team are back with a different game. Using the same basic code they created last year, they’ve developed a version of Tetris that spans both sides of the Cira Centre, where Pong only used one. It’s a more complicated game, and it effectively doubles the size of last year’s project. We returned to Philly on Saturday night to see it in action.

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