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Hot on the heels of his latest release, Greg Lobanov is at it again with his latest game, Perfection.

Lobanov, still a student at Drexel University, started the game in a class taught by Frank Lee, the scientist responsible for Philly Tech Week’s impressive showing of Pong on the Cira Center.

Lobanov says, “The task was to make a game in a week based on the theme of ‘broken’—what I came back with was a very ugly, but functional version of this. I’ve been refining it for the last few months since then…I see this game as my most ambitious and designerly [sic] project yet, and I took it very seriously.”

When asked how many levels players could expect, Lobanov responded with only one word—infinity. “This is not much of an exaggeration, every shape is randomly generated and the possbile variations are so broad as to be uncountable. This aspect of the game is a big part of what makes it interesting to me, and it also opened up a lot of unique opportunities to me as a designer.” In regards to difficulty, players will be able to skip any shape at any time and it will be gone forever, but it doesn’t matter since there will always be a new one to try.

Does this game look repetitive? It bypasses the idea of repetitiveness, says Lobanov. The overall strategy and method behind solving the puzzles might be the same but the puzzles themselves are always unique. “Think Sudoku” said Lobanov. “Each puzzle follows the same rule, but they also provide a totally unique iteration that’s distinctly interesting. It’s the sort of game you can form a long-term relationship with, rather than looking for a few adrenaline-filled sessions.”

Sounds cool right? The game will be available on iOS, Android, Windows, OS X and Linux, Wednesday, May 8 for just $0.99.

Official Perfection Website

Also worth noting, Lobanov is the very first non-business Drexel student to hire himself for his own co-op. (Congrats, Greg!) For the past month, he’s actually been interning at his own studio. That being said, we hope to see more projects like Perfection in the near future.

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