By Ryan Noble | on July 15, 2015

After almost a year since development began, Lunar Rabbit Games, a small Philadelphia-based studio that formed after meeting in Drexel University’s ‘Entrepreneurial Game Studio,’ are releasing their first commercial game. It goes by the name Starbright, and takes the studio’s focus of creating “beautiful and unique experiences” onto Android devices, with an iOS release planned for the near future.


In Starbright, a 2D physics-based game, players float through space as a star, wishing to escape the vast emptiness of the galaxy where stars are constantly swallowed by black holes. To do so, the star must slingshot its way along, using the gravity of other celestial objects to direct its movement. This is handled by pressing the objects, which then pulls the player’s star towards it, and can be used to speed up, slow down, or orbit around the object.


The aim of Starbright is to collect smaller stars, gaining points and increasing in level and size, thus allowing the player to collect more stars. Imagine Flow, with stars instead of swirling creatures, and the concept is easy to understand. There’s no timer, but players will want to keep moving anyway because black holes will appear, growing larger and larger until their gravitational pull is too strong to escape. Additionally, each game is procedurally-generated, with an original soundtrack by Alexander Olivares to complement the action.


Starbright is currently available on Android devices for $1.99, but the studio is working on releasing an iOS version before long. For more information on Starbright, or for news about either the iOS release or any other upcoming games, head to the Lunar Rabbit Games website, follow them on Twitter and Tumblr, or ‘like’ their Facebook page.

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